Creativity Can Kill a Good Website Design


February 20, 2016

It’s not all about creativity at all

Generally people think the more creative someone is, the better designer he or she must be, but when we started studying design more, we realized that it’s not all about creativity at all. Most of top web design professional started as visual designers, and then they grow and learn more about user interface, conversion, user experience, accessibility, or usability. Their creativity made them start and then made them interested in design, but then they evolved and become a better designer. Being too creative may actually hurt your website.


Because we’re designing for users. The sooner clients and designer realizes this, the better. User psychology is a complicated subject, but one thing is for sure: people by default are lazy and will look for the least resistant way to accomplish their task. Too-fancy and complicated layouts, too-creative solutions and reinventing wheels won’t make users’ life easier. So, one should find a good balance between a creative, artistic, and original design while still making it intuitive, without losing usability yet still providing good results for the business.

So, where is the fun part of designing websites if you can’t be too creative?

We can be and should be creative when it comes to the visual design. We try different color schemes or interesting font combinations. We plays with spacing, visual balance and hierarchy. Design original illustrations or clever hover and scrolling effects and animation. We look for creative ways to simplify design. Minimalism is not about hiding features or content, but about doing less, better. Yes, actually simplifying design very often needs more creativity than making it complex.

Don’t get us wrong – we are creative and having fun designing websites. Just we are very careful how and where we use our creativity so it won’t work against you.