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Offshore Outsourcing Services

Offshore outsourcing is currently looked upon as a value enhancer that helps organizations to streamline their core operations at a significant cost advantage. The value enhancers of the outsourcing model stem from the following realities:

  • Concentration on the core business operations
  • Gaining additional momentum in providing complete services to customers by leveraging the framework provided through outsourcing
  • Building confidence in organizations to venture into new realms of business Offshore outsourcing also provides the added advantage of cost effectiveness, quicker turnaround times, and minimizing customer attrition through non local outsourcing
  • Located in Indore, India, Effects Multimedia is one of the region's fastest growing offshore IT outsourcing company. Our outsourcing company has developed extensive capabilities in bringing web design & website promotion businesses' demands with IT outsourcing solutions.
  • Constant communications and personalized attention to our outsourcing partners are the cornerstones of success of our company in offshore outsourcing field.

Offshore Outsourcing Team

Our professional outsourcing staff has expertise ranging from web design and development outsourcing, programming and software engineering to database and system architecture design outsourcing.

Our team of software outsourcing professionals is ready to partner with you to deliver effective and impressive IT outsourcing solutions.

Being based in India, we can provide extremely cost-effective development without compromising on quality. Graphics, design aesthetics, design technique and programming are our strong points and we are always willing to understand, appreciate and anticipate the end user experience. That makes us ideally suited for outsourcing for your web design, web application and software development needs.

Why Outsource to India?

Why Outsource Data processing and Software development to India? Just as the Gulf has its natural resources in crude oil and South Africa in diamonds, India's natural resource lie in its abundant technically skilled manpower. India is the world's second largest exporter of software (after the U.S.), and is the source of management and technical talent for over 40 per cent of new start-ups in Silicon Valley. Thanks to its large English-speaking scientific and higher education institutions, specialist computer institutes, and low costs of software talent, India has more software companies with ISO 9000 certification than any other country in the world.

There is more than enough evidence of the superlative role that Indians play in the progress of the Net. The impact of India's success abroad is also being felt. The stars of the Indian Internet industry are the Web solutions and Webware companies, many of whom have made the transition from offshore turnkey and services companies to full-fledged e-commerce service providers and Web strategy consultants. IT heavyweights like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and Compaq always feature India prominently in their itineraries.

Benefits of Outsourcing in India:

India offers many advantages that make it the favorite of 82 percent of US software export market (Nasscom).

  • Large pool of computer literate and English speaking professionals
  • Well recognized Information technology skills
  • Wide gap between personnel costs in India and developed countries.
  • Work practices largely comply with ISO and SEI CMM standards.
  • Three out of every four SEI-CMM 5 companies worldwide are located in India.
  • Quality standards meet the approval of the world. India exports software to more than 95 countries.
  • India has a stable political environment and pro-IT government.
  • Reliable satellite and submarine communication links facilitate good broadband connectivity with the rest of the world.

Having a development facility in India helps us provide extremely cost-effective web and software development and hence allowing us to provide you with the best in services and outsourcing for your needs.



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