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Case Study – ZeoCast Website

Case Study – ZeoCast Website


Zeocast is an online tool that enables you to quickly create your own music videos (we call 'em ZeoFlicks) utilizing your own photos. The world’s largest record companies understand that Zeocast offers a truly unique way of connecting people with their favorite music.No downloads, no difficult software to learn or install. Instant fun, just add photos.

Click Here to visit Zeocast


  • You can try it for free.
  • In less than 5 minutes you will have your first ZeoFlick ready to share with your friends and family.
  • You can make your ZeoFlick using the music or any of our other GREAT artists.
  • You can upload your photos
  • You can create a movie
  • You can embed to myspace
  • You can friendster or other site
  • You can add to blog
  • How did we do it?

Gathering Traditional Training Contents

We received the traditional training material in form of SOP manuals in MS Word and PDF format and some text based power point presentations. We sorted out this material in logical and smaller sections.

Research & Storyboarding

Based on the traditional training material, our content developers did a lot of research on web for additional contents and reference graphics available on the topics. After collecting all the raw material and info, we broke up the contents into individual slides and developed the storyboards with sketches, voice narration and detailed instructions to develop images and animations. At the same time the environment at client’s end technology and platforms were studied and finalized

Storyboard Approval

These storyboards were then sent to the client for approval. They were checked by their training officers and sent back with suggestions to make required changes. After making the changes these storyboards were again sent to client for final approval.

Development of Multimedia Contents

The storyboards were provided to the developers. They developed all the models, characters, animations in Flash and 3DS Max and Character Studio. Sound recording of voice narration was also done in this phase.

Interface Design

While the multimedia contents were in development, our graphic designers developed and submitted the user interface prototypes to the client for approval. These interfaces were developed on Usability guidelines. After approval and revision, the functional version of GUI was developed in Flash.


After all the graphics, flash and 3d animations, voice over contents were ready, we then integrated all these elements together and scripted as per the storyboard plan. These were then integrated with the Moodle environment for online viewing.

QA Testing

Though QA is our ongoing practice right from research and storyboarding stages, this is the important phase where we test all the technical as well as aesthetic aspects together.

Final Approval

This deliverable was then sent to the client for approval. Any changes suggested by client were fixed.


Following tools and technologies were used to develop

  • Storyboarding: Manual Drawing, CorelDraw, Photoshop
  • 2D Animation: CorelDraw, Flash
  • Video Production: Adobe Premier, After Effects, Combustion
  • Graphics Production: CorelDraw, Photoshop
  • Integration: Flash, Actionscripting, HTML, ASP



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