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We are Committed, Responsive, Creative and Professional

Who is Effects Multimedia?

We, Effects Multimedia, are a world-class, single-source e-Business development firm that helps mid to large-sized companies and organizations successfully establish their presences and identities on the Internet.

But We Saw a Gap:

We found that most web development firms, like ours, were out of reach for companies with smaller budgets, like yours. Sure, you could get a site built, but if you wanted it to look professional, and to be equipped with all the extras that the big corporate sites have-you'd need to spend a fortune. We know, because we build them all the time.

And We Filled that Gap: for You

That's why we decided to create a professional website builder program that’s easy on you-and on your budget-yet gives you the extras and professional touches you need to set yourself apart, and grow your business online.

We've taken our years of experience in the Internet era, and our in-depth knowledge of business processes, technologies and e-business applications, and molded them to successfully solve your business budget challenges. In doing so, Effects Multimedia created the first set of professional web templates that include all the extras found in high-budget sites: like a shopping cart, automatic language translation, and both HTML and flash-enabled versions.

And to make your foray onto the web as easy and as complete as possible, we decided to give you everything you need-everything. We'll register your domain name, give you email accounts and secure server hosting. When you choose Effects Multimedia, you don't need anything, or anyone, else to run your business online.

Our strong team of senior business consultants, usability professionals, information architects, technology experts, and design and programming experts are here to help, and we're equipping you with best-of-breed solutions in the e-business domain.

See The Future of Your Business Online.

Today's savvy consumers expect your business to be online. They expect to be able to type in your domain and find your website, where they can review your offerings when they want, anytime they want. And their numbers are growing. According to Jupiter Media, 76% of the U.S. population is expected to be online by 2006, and they are predicted to buy more than $130 billion worth of goods from online vendors. Worldwide, the Computer Industry Almanac tells us that 945 million people are anticipated online by 2004, up from 553 million today. Think about it. If you could reach even .01% of the current Internet population (a conservative estimate), that's still 55,300 potential new customers-today. By 2004, that number jumps to almost 1,00,000 people.

Do you Want to Expand My Market Reach?

If your product or service isn’t local in nature, you can penetrate global markets with professionally websites. Millions of viewers – and buyers - are waiting for what you have to offer.

Do you Want to Save Time?

Your website is a valuable sales and information tool that will yield benefits for years to come. Drive local customers to your site for product or service details. Post free reports in your expansive Effects Multimedia website, and free yourself from the hassles of mailing and faxing information.

Do you Want to Increase My Bottom Line?

We already know the answer to this question—of course you do! And that’s exactly what your website will do for you, whether directly, or indirectly. If you have product that can be sold online, your Effects Multimedia shopping cart and eCommerce enabled site lets customers from around the world buy from you—all night and all day—every day.

The Effects Advantage

  • We go beyond the brief.
  • We have a well-defined development process. We work with project plans. We change project plans when the tasks increase/decrease, to indicate the latest delivery status. We revise and version project plans.
  • We respect clients because we believe that they have a vision, the courage to put their money behind their vision, and because they are willing to work with new business models.
  • We expect clients to respect us because we help them build their business using new e-business models, and because we are committed to their success.
  • We treat client information with absolute confidentiality. We make every person inside Effects Multimedia or outside Effects Multimedia partners, sign an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the company, at the time of joining, to ensure that people treat client information with the amount of confidentiality that clients expect.
  • We do offshore (client in one location, delivery team in another location), onsite (delivery team moves to client location), and combo (part of the delivery team at the client location, and part offshore) assignments.
  • We do end-to-end Internet Solutions.
  • We do assignments in business consulting, information architecture, user interface design, technology, security audits, usability analyses, and other one-off assignments.
  • We set up Offshore Development Centers (dedicated development teams with the appropriate skills and infrastructure) for clients across the world. We work with cutting-edge technologies.
  • We do a lot of R&D. We have dedicated teams researching Bluetooth and .NET technologies. We are working on developing a web-usability index.

We see to it that your needs and requirements are understood fully, to your satisfaction. We have a team that prides itself in its commitment to quality and its ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. At each stage of a project, we follow international standards for software development and are flexible to adopt customer standards to accomplish high-quality program development.

Resources are dedicated to the client for extended periods, regardless of the project. The comfort this gives clients is that resources are available on demand.



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