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Transparency is a governing value at Effects Multimedia.

The open and honest atmosphere of work between the management and staff at Effects Multimedia creates a friendly and relaxed aura. Effect’s team consists of multi-skilled, highly creative, technically sound professionals. With the combination of writers, directors, animators, and programmers Effects Multimedia become the perfect Web studio.

Our highly experienced staff not only works on your concept, but provides experts solutions too, if needed!! Senior member of the team have more than 10 years of experience in advertising, brand building, corporate communication, video production and web development. This allows us, to take the contract of your unfinished projects at any stage, too. Effects Multimedia Quality Control team ensures all the deliverable contents are adhering to the specifications.

Our unassailable Creative and technical expertise, furnished with their helpful nature and a zest to serve customers, helps us to achieve our goals. These high-achievers are greatly motivated and display outstanding strengths in key business areas. All set to deliver exceptional value to customers. The company places a premium on personal and professional development. All employees are trained in relevant areas. Resources are being spent on learning workshops, value clarification sessions and organizational development processes.

Amit Sakunia, Director

Amit Sakunia founded Effects Multimedia in 1997, catapulting the company into what is now one of the fastest growing private companies and largest design firms in the Indore, India . He has earned his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Masters Degree in Advertising which helps him to fulfill all the needs of clients Technically as well as Aesthetically along with keeping all the Marketing and Advertising aspects into consideration to meet the competitive environment of present scenario. With more then a decade of high-level Design, Development Internet Marketing and Advertising experience, having managed more than 300 individual accounts and guided clients through branding, web site design, magazine advertising, promotional advertising, and convention display projects. Amit applies her knowledge and experience, helping produce the most innovative and comprehensive projects utilizing the entire team in executing various Multimedia and Internet Communication Projects like E- commerce, Multimedia Presentation, Kiosks, Multimedia Titles, Multimedia Presentation, Animation, Website, Portals, Special Effects Solution to Various MNC's. Corporate, Advertising Agencies and PR Agencies.

He has more than 3 years experience of teaching in various management Institutions, Conducted various seminars and lectures on Internet Advertising, Internet Marketing, Web Designing, Computer Animation, Special Effects, Computer Graphics etc.

Akanksha, Sales and Marketing

Akanksha has impressive track record in sales and marketing. Akanksha is friendly, methodical and naturally creative with an innate ability to conceive and drive highly recognizable brand and marketing concepts. With an Extremely creative skills, Akanksha also holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from from MS University, Vadodara. She’s experienced in all aspects of budgeting, bookkeeping, policy and procedure development, facilities management and related roles, having worked in small to corporate level offices. She knows how to spoon feed clients throughout the design process.

Vineeta, Project Manager

Vineeta Mehta has worked in the high-tech industry since 2000 and has delivered exceptional project management for years. Vineeta earned her Bachelors Degree in Science with honor’s in Electronics from Indore University (DAVV) & Masters Degree in Advertising with Diploma in Advance Computer Arts . She's managed projects of all sizes - from small corporate branding to huge animation series development. Vineeta brings her wealth of problem solving knowledge and her passion for creative solutions to the Effects team. Prior to joining Effects Multimedia, Vineeta has worked for various Animation Studios and Web designing firms which enable her to provide you very professional, creative and quality works..

Anand, Creative Group Head

Anand has designed visual communication solutions and new media marketing tools for companies ranging from manufacturing to consumer goods within the real estate, pharmaceuticals, electronics, media and publishing, telecom, software, jewellery and entertainment industries. With Extremely creative skills, Anand has a role of graphic designer, flash animator and video producer. Prior to Effects, he worked for multimedia and print design firms specializing in web design, graphic design and presentation design. Anand also holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Indore University and also holds a Diploma in visual design and animation.

Atul, Web Developer

Atul has held the position of Web Developer at Effects since late 2006. His expertise is in graphic design, web development, multimedia authoring, image composing, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, ASP and SQL. Atul also has knowledge and understanding of software and hardware troubleshooting and repair, networking and print processing.


Tanya, Lead Designer

Tanya plans and oversees design process. She’s also continuously developing her skills in various aspects of design and technical support. She brings spark and in creativity in web and presentation design. Tanya creates consistent, recognizable visuals with decisions based primarily on the end-user's experience. She holds a degree in Commerce from Indore University along with a diploma in Visual Communications with a Graphic Design.


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