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To win competitive marketplace advantages, you need to rapidly deploy new and state-of-the-art business solutions. Second, and most importantly, you must be able to leverage rapidly emerging Internet technologies to transform existing business processes.

Effects Multimedia understands enterprise environments and subsequent Information Technology requirements for supporting vital business processes and applications. We offer cutting-edge technology consulting to propel your business into the 21st century.

We have a broad spectrum of Internet and e-business technologies that we work with.

Server-side Scripting ASP, ASP.NET, CFML, VBScript

Client-side Scripting - HTML, Dynamic HTML, Java & VB Script, VRML. WML. XML

Web Multimedia - Streaming Video, Macromedia Flash & Director, Web 3D, Animation

Client-side Programming - SVG, Java Applets, Flash, Web based Tutorials, WAP

Web Technologies - Credit Card Transaction, Mobile- Commerce, Mobile Internet Shopping carts, E-commerce System, eCRM, Online transaction processing, Intranets, Site Submission and Promotion, Internet Advertising, Search Engine Listings



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